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Bomb Bottoms - Padded Panties for Women



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When it comes to improving the look of our bottoms, women today have never had it so easy. In the past our booty improvements were almost always the result of a lot of hard work and hours in the gym. Because of this there is no shortage of routines and exercises out there that target the ‘booty’ with the hope of making improvements thatwill get noticed

Indeed, there are now entire industries of quirky gadgets and at home gimmicks promising quick solutions in addition to the endless variety of squat, lunge and  lift exercises.

And while most women will end it there, settling for the road of diet and exercise, there is an ever increasing number women gravitating towards quicker solutions. Hoping the butt of their dreams will come from things like plastic surgery and injections, many women are now going under the knife:

  • Implants, 
  • Buttock Injections
  • Brazilian Buttock Lift.

These invasive procedures can cost thousands of dollars, can be very dangerous, and require lengthy recovery times that busy women today simply cannot afford. 

But what if improving your booty didn't require years, months, or even weeks of exercise? And what if you could put the idea of implants, injections and plastic surgery out of your mind, forever? 

Enter Bomb Bottoms®

Bomb Bottoms® are scientifically designed women's underwear, that not only give us the appearance of a fuller, shapelier backside, but also improve the look of our hips and tummy (pooch) in the process.

Bomb Bottoms®

body shaper buttock lifter

Big Improvements without Exercise or Surgery

Bomb Bottoms® have been described by real women as a “miracle” and  “life changing". More women than ever are discovering the convenience of Bomb Bottoms®, every day.

In short, Bomb Bottoms® help. Comfortable and smart, they provide us with that extra boost, when we want it. And whether you just want to look better in jeans, or add a little more oomph for a special day such as a wedding, you will definitely love what these special bottoms can do for you. 

best rear lifting shapewear 

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Developed to give women a better ‘ tush’ when we want it, Bomb Bottoms® come with a distinctive padding that can be removed or replaced if needed.  Indeed, even without the padding your backside will still get a special enhancing, lifting and shaping effect.  

Available in two common colors, black and apricot (beige), Bomb Bottoms® help to bring attention to your best features without sacrificing comfort.

Before and After

Better butt without exercise


Even without pads Bomb Bottoms® help to create a lift and enhancing effect. Just add the pads for that extra boost.

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