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Padded Panties & Buttock Lifters for Women

Millions of women are talking about them

Butt shapewear is a special kind of shapewear that focuses on enhancing the buttocks area of the body. A new phenomenon, Butt Shapewear has been steadily rising in popularity in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Butt Shapewear can also be referred to as buttock enhancers, butt lifters, butt lifting panties, and an assortment of other names. Dearest Fawn is widely considered to be one of the foremost carriers of women’s shapewear, as well as special lineups of butt shapewear for women.

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How does Butt Shapewear Work?

Butt Shapewear works by improving the shape, size, and overall appearance of your buttocks by including some form of lift, padding, or sculpting. Achieving these enhancements depends on the style of butt shapewear you choose.

The three general kinds of butt shapewear are:

  • Padded
  • Cut out
  • Basic Butt Lifter

Padded Butt Shapewear (There are 2 main kinds).

Like the name implies, Padded Butt Shapewear uses carefully designed pads that enhance the look of the buttocks region by adding extra boost. Depending on the kind of padded butt shapewear you buy, the pads may be either removable or built-in (non-removable).

Removable Pads: Removable pads sit in dedicated pockets that are neatly sewn into the underwear. The pads, themselves, are usually made of a special foam material - You can also find silicone pads available on the market. Butt shapwear with removable pads still offer a butt lifting effect even 'without' the pads. However, with the added pads the underwear delivers some extra enhancement that is more noticable.

These have removable pads

  • Because the pads are removable, you can also add more padding if you want. See an example of this type of shapewear: here

Built-in Pads (non removable): Non-removable pads are sewn right into the design of the panties. The pads for these panties are often made of a special kind of foam material. Some women prefer this style because there are fewer pieces to manage. Everything is in one piece.

These have built in pads

  • The pads are non-removable, and you cannot add your own extra padding. See example: here

Cutout Butt Shapewear:

Cutout butt shapewear is unique because entire sections of the panties are cut out to allow the cheeks of the buttocks to sit exposed in the underwear. Though offering no extra enhancement directly from the underwear itself, by allowing the cheeks of the buttocks to sit exposed in the underwear, it gives the appearance of a bigger and perhaps more sculpted butt under one’s clothes.

  • This kind of butt shapewear is designed to emphasize what you already have. No padding or material for lift.

The Basic Butt Lifter (No Pads or Cutouts)

This kind of butt lifter is the most common, and includes neither pads or special exposed cutouts for your butt to sit in. Instead, it relies mainly on elastic material that is fit closer to the butt. This close fit, along with stretch material helps to lift, control and manage the shape of your butt. You will often find this kind of butt lifter incorporated into higher end leggings for women.

These are a basic Butt Lifter:

Basic butt lifters also now include non-exposed cutouts (covered cutouts) which help to emphasize the buttocks. This style of lifter is very common in today’s shapewear, and you can find it incorporated in many items on our store.

  • Designed to lift the butt with a special close fit design. Often includes non-exposed cutouts that are meant to emphasize your booty.

The Best Butt Shapewear? (List of 4)

  1. Bomb Bottoms®

    Bomb Bottoms® are a very popular padded butt lifter that are focused almost entirely on the buttock region. This brand is known to instantly give women the appearance of a bigger butt without exercise or plastic surgery.

    Bomb Bottoms®

    The quick booty-lift panty, Bomb Bottoms® can help you to look awesome. Bomb Bottoms come with removable pads and feature a scientific butt lifting design.

    • Improves your butt instantly
    • Sexifies your hips
    • Makes other women jealous
  2. Best Bottoms®

    Best Bottoms® are a high waist butt lifter panty with built-in (non-removable) pads. Best Bottoms® focus primarily on the buttocks. However, because of their high waist, Best Bottoms® also help with tummy control and stomach management.

    Best Bottoms®

    Designed to give women a boost of reassurance, Best Bottoms® seamlessly enhance your butt (making it look fuller/bigger under clothes), while helping to manage lower belly pooch and stomach. This shapewear buttock lifter will make your butt look bigger, instantly.

    • Boost and shape that booty
    • Flatten and control your tummy
  3. Curvvies®

    Curvvies® are an interesting brand, offering all the most advanced butt lifting and padded butt shapewear features, but they also go the extra mile. Strategically placed pads can be found on the outer thighs. These pads accentuate your womanly curves. in addition to a high-waist for tummy control. Additionally, the long “shorts” design and stretch material assistance with thigh shaping and control.


    When it comes to butt shapewear, Curvvies cover it all. With the additional focus on thigh shaping and tummy control, Currvies help to pull everything together into one super enhanced tight package.

    • Sculpted booty
    • Thigh shaping
    • Perfected tummy
    • Sexified hips
  4. The Bombsuit™

    The Bombsuit™ is the total package full body shaper for women who want it all. This exceptional bodysuit shapewear is special because it emphasizes on the butt.

    The Bombsuit™

    Using covered “cutouts” and butt lift technology this bodysuit helps the buttocks to really stand out. Helping you to feel confident everywhere you go, The Bombsuit™ is that special shapewear “explosive” that makes your booty look great.

    • Butt lifter and Booty sculptor
    • Tummy control
    • High Waist
    • Thigh shaping
    • Sexify your hips
    • Back fat control

Will they work for me?

Designed with women’s most common booty concerns in mind, Butt shapewear is meant to improve, enhance and sculpt. It tries to make use of what a woman already has, and depending on the style you choose, it will be designed to accentuate your particular features.

Example of how "Bomb Bottoms" work

Even women who work out can benefit from butt Shapewear because it adds an extra level of impact, providing an ‘unfair advantage’ effect. Wear them to the gym, park or to the supermarket.

  • Give you an unfair advantage
  • Manages your booty
  • Improvement and sculpting effect

Where can I buy Butt Shapewear?

Dearest Fawn specializes in next generation body shapers and the best shapewear for women. Whether you do regular exercise for your glutes, hips and tummy, or no exercise at all, our special lineup of shapewear helps you look your best by providing the added boost you will notice, before and after.


Dearest Fawn, a simple idea sparked among good friends in a Vancouver coffee house one evening. We seek to help women feel powerful, confident, and stylish by bringing together choice items at competitive prices that we know they will love.

Where can I learn more about Shapewear:

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