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Curvalicious and Bootylicious Trends

Demand for Padded Panties and Bottom Lifts is at an all-time High Thanks to the Curvy Body Trend

Beauty trends are never constant. While in the 70s it was attractive to be skinny, right now everyone wants a big butt. America is full of bootylicious women fueling this trend and causing more women to want firm and big butts.

Powerful Names that have Breathed Life into the Curvalicious and Bootylicious Trend

Nicki Minaj Top celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, who was recently announced as the new spokesperson of the Viva Glam Campaign by MAC are one of the women fueling this trend. Can you remember her performance with Rihanna? The Savage Fenty owner grabbed Nicki's big butt and gave fans a thrill during the performance last year.

Even though fans were excited to see this playful scene, the rapper has experienced a lot of criticism for her huge asset. But she has expressed in numerous interviews that she isn't bothered. Many believe that she has undergone so many surgeries and injections to maintain her behind.

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Kim Kardashian Another celebrity that has received both praise and backlash for her butt is Kim Kardashian. Unlike rapper Nicki Minaj, Kim was not happy about the rumors about her having butt enlargement, so she decided to show off an x-ray to prove her bottom was 100% real.

However, do you believe that? Because the shape and size have changed multiple times across many seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Also, her butt won the online award for World's Best Bum in 2010 and beat Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles.

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Going too far?

Other celebrities that have given into the bootylicious trends are Katy Perry who has admitted to using butt lifting injections. And Renee Graziano, the Mob Wives reality tv star who underwent surgery and spent $30,000 on her behind.

With so many women looking to have a big and curvy butt and the implications of surgery, the side effects can be worrisome. According to Dr. Pat Pazimo, a plastic surgeon on NBC's Today Show, the demand for body contouring and surgeries has increased by 14% in the United States. And what's surprising is even younger women are seeking these surgeries. The question however is are these procedures safe?

The Butt Lift Underwear Solution to Your Desired Butt

The side effects of going under the knife to get a bigger behind can be daunting, especially when you can't afford the best doctors. However, an easy and safe solution is the butt lift underwear and it costs just $34. This box contains all you need to give you that fuller and bigger bottom that you desire so much. With the demand and appreciation for a fuller butt at an all-time high, peplums are becoming more popular.

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham use peplums to give the illusion of fuller hips and a larger behind. And you can do this too, or you can invest in padded panties that will enhance your butt and hips. For instance, Marquita Print who is a famous plus-size model has mentioned that she has used padding in her hips for a better silhouette.

With more women looking for a fuller and bigger butt, this is an excellent, non-evasive option void of any side effects both physically and chemically. According to MailOnline, CEO of Feel Foxy, Jessica Anza reported that the company has had the largest sales from January to May. Hence, the demand is not reducing anytime soon and you should get on the trendy train.

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