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The Best Body Shaper For Women

The best body shaper for women

The Bombsuit is the total package full body shaper for women who want it all. Because we (ladies) demand our  curves in all the right places, this special bodysuit shapewear was expressly designed to deliver the results.

Now you can feel absolutely confident everywhere you go, and know that you look extraordinary no matter what you are wearing. Yes, The Bombsuit is that special shapewear “explosive” for all your needs, helping you to feel completely  confident at all times.

Okay, what else will it do for me?

Made of high quality material that adapts to your unique shape, The Bombsuit carefully controls the most common problem areas women typically experience. Offering just the right boost in the right places, the shapewear's features:

  • Butt lifter and Booty sculptor
  • Tummy control
  • High Waist
  • Thigh shaping
  • Sexified hips
  • Back fat control

Did you say butt lifter and booty sculptor?

If you’re after the best butt shapewear on the market, these are some of the best ever produced. With its special butt lifter and butt sculpting features, The Bombsuit’s advanced materials and cut outs will augment and shape your booty to perfection. Imagine never having to worry if your butt is good enough, because it always looks perfect.


Be the center of attention or just stand out from the crowd. Your butt will always be comparable with the best in the room. Every time you wear The Bombsuit expect to be shaped, lifted and sculpted.

Tell me more about the “Tummy Control”!

Extreme tummy control is a feature more women are looking for in their shapewear these days. The Bombsuit does not disappoint when it comes to this. Rest assured that your stomach and tummy are in perfect hourglass form with The Bombsuit. Repeat after me, no more lower belly pooch.

Fit comfortably into your favorite jeans, and look great in that special dress, without working out or any effort. Don’t second guess, just know you have the look with The Bombsuit.

Thigh shaping, too?

Thigh shaping shapewear? Well, since we’re on the subject. The Bombsuit includes a “shapewear shorts” design that keeps your thighs firmly and securely in mind. The superior material stretches to form and control the shape of your thighs, so you can always feel confident.

Whether to the gym, supermarket, or a wedding, The Bombsuit will have you in perfect form. So you can look explosive in everything you wear.

Okay, but should I buy?  

The short answer is yes

The Bombsuit
is a great choice because it takes into account a woman’s entire figure. Throw it on under your favorite little black dress and walk with complete confidence.


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Before you buy please make sure to look at the size chart on the product page, here.  Available in plus size, this full body shaper is complete with a front zipper.  Capable of makig you look Make yourself look up to three sizes smaller, this bodysuit shapewear is exactly what most real women have been searching for.

Yes, you are good enough, confident enough, and sexy enough. And it’s time to feel like you are.


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