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Top 5 Best Butt Lifters

Best rear (butt) lifting shapewear

Butt lifting shapewear are specially designed undergarments made to lift, shape and enhance a women's buttocks. Wearing butt-lifting shapewear can make you feel better about your body, and give you the extra confidence you need to get out there and conquer the world.

The way this kind of shapewear works is by adding extra support to the rear muscles and then lifting, enhancing and shaping. Giving your rear a firm desirable shape, this kind of shapewear works in the same way a bra would lift your bust. 

Since there are many but lifters available in the market; we will talk about just the top 5 best shapewear for your rear (buttocks).

Before choosing shapewear for your rear, we recommend that you go through  customer reviews to know if the product you want is right for you. Shapewear should be comfortable to wear and provide a natural look, in addition to providing any special enhancement effects.

Another important feature of shapewear is choosing the right fabric. Since  shapewear is a kind of underwear, it helps that it is as comfortable and dependable as possible.

Here you will find a list shapewear of good quality that will meet all of your booty lifting shapewear needs.

1) Bomb Bottoms®

When it comes to improving the look of our bottoms, women have searched high and low for the perfect solution. From endless hours in the gym, to crazy dieting regiments, there is often no limit to the extents we will go to for the perfect backside.

Bomb Bottoms® are scientifically designed women's underwear that not only give us the appearance of a fuller, shapelier bottom, but also helps to train our booty to take the form we want, over time. In addition to training our backside, Bomb Bottoms® improve the look of our hips and tummy in the process.


2) Curvvies™

Women nowadays want a little more from their shapewear, and so sometimes just getting a little extra lift and support from their shapewear doesn’t cut it. Hip and Booty™ are the perfect shapewear for the customer that wants the most from their bottoms.

Complete with carefully designed (removable) padding in both the rear and directly on the hips, these special bottoms also provide a high waist with tummy control. The ultimate bottoms for the woman who wants to improve their look, Hip and Booty are both comfortable and versatile.

bum lifter pants before and after

3) Best Bottoms®

Best Bottoms (like its sister product) offer many of the same benefits as Bomb Bottoms. However, unlike Bomb Bottoms, these undies come with the special padding built right in.

Best Bottoms have a more traditional panty design (legless) and a high waist for superior tummy control. The best part about Best Bottoms is that along with providing a beautiful shape to your butt it also helps you to improve the look of excess fat from the love handle areas.

Wearing this product regularly can boost your weight loss plan. It doesn’t roll down when you walk or run and is made of thin and light fabric.

best rear lifting shapewear

4) The Bombsuit™

The Bombsuit is a great choice because it takes into account a woman’s entire figure. Throw it on under your favorite little black dress and walk with complete confidence.

The Bombsuit improves not only your entire torso region (not just tummy), but also makes major improvements to your rear and thighs, while also providing additional support around your bust.  The distinctive thin fabric is very comfortable to wear, and does not irritate you.

If support for your entire figure is what you want, The Bombsuit is the ideal choice.

5) True Boosters™

Sculpting your lower body from tummy to bottoms, True Boosters enhance your booty in a characteristically classic, but subtle way. Unique in that they have the added benefit of a doubling as a waist trainer.

True Boosters offer a pantie style with built in padding and high waist for exceptional tummy. The material around the tummy region stretches while remaining firm enough to control even the most difficult tummies. Quality and attention to detail are important features of these women’s underwear.


 So who sells these shapewear? Well, we do.