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Your guide to Buttock Lifters

Your guide to Buttock Lifters

Are you searching for a way to enhance your buttock area? Or maybe to accentuate and give the appearance of a firm butt? If your answer is yes, you need a buttock lifter.

Buttock Lifters are a brand new way to get your desired shape in an instant. They are a unique type of shapewear that enhances the buttocks area by lifting the butt, making it appear firm, full, and more appealing.

Also known as butt pads, butt enhancers, butt shapewear, fajas, and so many other names, these pieces of underwear are slowly gaining a lot of popularity in the U.S, Australia, Canada, and the UK, and with excellent reviews too.

How Do Buttock Lifters Work?

Buttock lifters are super easy to use and they are very effective. These amazing pieces of material work by lifting and sculpting your buttocks area with the help of some premium padding. Thus, improving the size, shape, and overall appearance of your buttocks. Although the results are undeniable, the specific results you get are usually dependent on the type of butt lifter you wear.

Types Of Buttock Lifters

There are basically three major types of buttock lifters that you can choose from;

  • Padded buttock lifters
  • Cut out buttock lifters
  • Basic butt lifters

Padded Buttock Lifters

Padded buttock lifters are designed to enhance your buttocks area with professionally designed, premium pads. There are two different types of padded buttock lifters that you can choose from;

Removable Pads: For these types of padded butt shapewear, you can decide to remove or install the pads to achieve your desired fullness. The pads are usually made of silicone and sit securely in specific pockets of the buttock lifters.


With Removeable pads

Built-in/Non-removable Pads:

This option of padded buttock lifters have the pads (mostly foam) sewn into the shapewear. Hence, you get a specific look whenever you wear it.


With non-removable pads

Although the non-removable option offers just a specific fullness and look, it is cost-effective compared to the removable pads.

Cutout Buttock Lifters

The cutout buttock lifters have two sections cut out to allow the cheeks of your buttocks to be exposed. This type of buttock lifter enhances your natural butt by lifting it and without any extra padding. Hence, it makes your buttocks look sculpted and bigger underneath your clothes.

Cutout Buttock Lifter


The Basic Butt Lifter

The basic butt lifter is undoubtedly the most common and cost-effective option of all the butt lifters. It doesn't feature a cutout for the cheeks of your buttocks to sit exposed or extra padding, but relies on high quality stretch material to get the job done. The high quality elastic material is similar to those found in your shapewear, and it's fitted closely to the buttocks.

These are a basic Butt Lifter:


This helps to lift, sculpt, and accentuate your buttocks. There are also basic butt lifters with cutouts that are covered up, which are also great for getting effective results.

Will Buttock Lifters Work For Me?

Buttock lifters will absolutely work for you. Crafted with the needs of women in mind, buttock lifters have a built in elastic material designed to lift, sculpt, and enhance your buttocks. There are also some options with padding for extra fullness if you desire it. Also, what's great about these buttocks lifters is that they are great for every woman, whether you're plus size, skinny, or fit.

Where Can I Buy Buttock Lifters?

You can purchase some of the best buttocks lifters from Dearest Dawn, a brand that specializes in premium body shapers and the best for all women. Their comprehensive collections of shapewear, including high quality buttock lifters, cater to all women and are very effective.

Dearest Dawn was created by a group of friends in Vancouver who share a passion for helping women feel and look powerful, confident, and stylish. This is done by providing amazing luxury items at competitive prices to clients globally.


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