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What is Dearest Fawn?

Dearest Fawn specializes in next generation body shapers and the best shapewear for women.

Whether you do regular exercise for your glutes, hips and tummy, or no exercise at all, our special lineup of shapewear helps you look your best by providing the added boost you will notice, before and after.

How will our products help you?

Whether you just want to make your bum look good in jeans, or feel more confident while shopping at the super market. We have you covered with products specially designed to be a simple part of your day.

We hope to help women avoid things like Controversial cosmetic surgery including

  • Brazilian bum lifts,
  • Liposuction and tummy tucks
  • Breast augmentation.

And unlike the slow results one would see from countless hours of squats and other glute workouts for mass, as well as tummy and leg workouts,  our distinct items help women to feel sexier the moment we put them on.  

By reducing the look of body fat, improving body image, and boosting your best assets, we hope to help women look and feel beautiful.

Which Dearest Fawn products will work best for my needs?

Bomb Bottoms

Padded booty-boosting underwear that lift, improve and shape your bottom to give you the butt other girls would kill for. Available in plus-size

  • Improves your butt
  • Controls your tummy
  • Sexifies your hips


 Hip and Booty:

Yes, make them jealous!  Specially placed hip and bottom pads combined with tummy control panties to help improve your figure and overall body image.

  • Sculpted booty
  • Perfected tummy
  • Sexified hips